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Caring for Someone with ME

Anything in our library can be borrowed by members free of charge.

To borrow any item below just submit a library request

Caring for the ME Patient book

Caring for the ME patient

Jodi Bassett (2011)
Essential information for anyone who knows, loves or cares for someone with ME

Caring for someone with ME

Action for ME (2013)

Available online, or we can print & send you this 24 page booklet

Pulling Through book

Pulling Through

Catherine Jessop (2021)

Not about ME, but all about the author's experience of caring for her suddenly dependent and hospitalised husband.  Includes a wide range of information and useful suggestions for anyone in a similar situation.

A review of this book by one of our members featured in a recent newsletter. Take a look

Other sources of information

Richmond Carers’ Network

Resources for carers in Richmond
email:  tel: 020 8867 2380

Kingston Carers’ Network

Resources for carers in Kingston
e-mail:  tel: 020 3031 2757

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