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Events Diary

We run frequent on-line social meetings for Group members.
Contact us if you’d like to attend a meeting, or if you’d like to join the Group

Mindfulness book & bells

On-Line Meetings on Zoom

Tue 27 Feb  2pm: Coffee & Chat
Thu 29 Feb 4pm: Mindfulness
Sat 2 Mar    4pm: Crafting
Tue 5 Mar  12pm: Coffee & Chat
Mon 11 Mar 4pm: Mindfulness
Wed 20 Mar 4pm: Silent Reading 

Sat 23 Mar   6pm:  Pub Meeting
Mon 25 Mar 4pm: Mindfulness
Sat 30 Mar  2pm: Coffee & Chat

Cups of coffee
Next Group Face-to Face Meeting

Wed 13th Mar

10.30 - 12.00 am

Hampton Hub Cafe

Hampton Inspired Hub 

3 Ashley Road

TW12 2JA

Hampton Inspired Hub is opposite Hampton station, with parking in the car park.

The 111 bus runs to the end of the street.

There is no lift at the station but there is level access to both platforms via the level crossing which is 120 metres away.

Group members meeting
Face to face meeting
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