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The Lady's Handbook.webp

The Lady’s Handbook for her Mysterious Illness

Sarah Ramey (2020)
A darkly funny account of her experience of a mysterious illness (ultimately diagnosed as CFS) that doctors thought was all in her head 🙄, and the recovery she found in functional medicine.

A review of this book by one of our members featured in a recent newsletter. Take a look

Waiting for Superman.webp

Waiting for Superman 

Tracie White (2021)

The story of Whitney Dafoe who has severe ME and his father (Professor Ron Davis’) who is searching for a cure

A review of this book by one of our members featured in a recent newsletter. Take a look

Witnin these 4 walls.webp

Within These Four Walls

Mindfully Evie (2019)

A series of short reflections by a young woman who has had severe ME and is now much better than she was

Girl Behind Dark Glasses.webp

Girl Behind Dark Glasses

Jessica Taylor-Bearman (2018)

The story of the teenage years of Jessica Taylor, a girl with severe ME – a triumph of survival


Unrest (DVD)

Jennifer Brea (2017)

The award winning film shedding light on the experience of ME (featuring Jen Brea, Whitney Dafoe and Jessica Taylor-Bearman among others)

Lighting up.jpg

Lighting up a Hidden World: CFS and M.E.

Valerie Free (2016) 

Through artwork, poetry, story-telling, and meticulous research, this book takes readers into the fascinating, yet frightening, landscape of ME/CFS

Lost Voices.jpeg

Voices from the Shadows (DVD, 2011) & 

Lost Voices (book, 2008)

Natalie Boulton/Invest in ME 

Short pieces from people with severe ME and their carers

This strange new life.webp

This Strange New Life 

Rachel Anderson (2006)

The story of two brothers who contracted ME, told from the perspective of their sister

Knowing ME.webp

Knowing ME

Caeia March - editor  (1998)
Women speak about their experiences of ME/CFS in a series of short pieces

A year lost and found.jpg

A Year Lost and Found 

Michael Mayne - Dean Emeritus of Westminster (1987)

A personal account of what it’s like to suffer from ME written as a diary/meditation on illness, suffering, redemption and hope.