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Let us weather storms together,
they will pass.
Let us be as one,
not crying to the wind
along Thames path.

by Maureen Savage

A word of encouragement


Maybe don’t tell me to do yoga

Or that the only reason I can’t sleep is cos I spend too much time on my phone

I long for the energy to do yoga

and even when I fast from phones I don’t sleep much

or wake refreshed

and feel ready to do anything useful or functional


Kindly refrain from offering me your unsolicited advice right now

I may actually know something about illness

having suffered for many years...


Do offer me your support, your encouragement, your love

your more able body for some heavy lifting

if you are able

your less addled mind for sorely needed medical research

That would be most welcome


And please be assured

when you are an expert in electroceuticals as well as pharmaceuticals

can distinguish between vagal tone and muscle tone

are versed in the philosophy of autophagy

know your 5-HTP from your PHGG

At that point be assured I will welcome your advice

I will certainly need your advice


Then we will join in putting the world to rights

Then we will -at last- book that yoga class

Then we shall finally salute the sun together


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