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Hormonal Issues
(thyroid, adrenal, menopause)

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Menopause & ME.webp

The Menopause and ME/CFS

Gina Bailey (2013)

The experiences of sufferers and how they coped, what they felt worked and what didn't. This is one of our most popular books.

Adrenal Fatigue.webp

Adrenal Fatigue

James Wilson (2001, Naturopath)

What it is and how you can recover energy, immune resistance, vitality and enjoyment of life through lifestyle, diet, supplements, dealing with allergies and (more controversially) replacement hormones.

Why am I so tired.webp

Why Am I So Tired?

Martin Budd (2000, Naturopath)

“Find freedom from the symptoms of mild hypothyroidism such as weight gain, exhaustion, mental fog, thinning hair, dry skin, aching joints” The symptoms are described and explained and the options for treatment through medical or naturopathic treatment or diet are laid out.

Thyroid Disorders: A Practical Guide to Understanding the Causes and Treatments

Rowan Hillson (1997)

Identifying something is wrong, visiting the doctor, diagnosis and treatment, what causes problems and how to avoid them from a consultant endocrinologist.

Thyroid Disorders.webp
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