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Severe M.E.

Anything in our library can be borrowed by members free of charge.

To borrow any item below just submit a library request

Understanding Severe ME - book

Understanding Severe ME, Essential Guide

Catherine Saunders (2018)
This is an insightful and hopeful guide for family and friends of someone with severe ME, with signposts to useful information and suggestions for many ways to help ease the burden of the PWME and their carers, practically and emotionally.

25% ME Group

This is a website specifically for PWME who are bedbound or housebound

Severe ME/CFS: A guide to Living

(for PWME & Carers)

Emily Collinridge (2010) (2 copies)

Help for those of all ages who are predominantly bedridden and for the loved ones and professionals providing their care.  An invaluable source of information and guidance.

Severe ME - Guide to Living - book
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