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Wellbeing Resources
(mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, yoga, healing, hand reflexology)

Anything in our library can be borrowed by members free of charge.

To borrow any item below just submit a library request

Mindfulness for Health book

Mindfulness for Health: a practical guide to relieving pain, reducing stress, and restoring wellness

Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman - book and CD (2013)

This is an outstanding book on mindfulness: clear, very readable and written with people like us in mind

A review of this book by one of our members featured in a recent newsletter. Take a look

Full Catastrophe Living  book

Full Catastrophe Living: How to Cope with Stress, Pain and Illness Using Mindfulness Meditation”

Jon Kabat-Zinn (2012)
The original western guide to mindfulness. This is a very comprehensive guide, but also readable, well signposted in the contents and a book you can dip into

Guided Mindfulness Meditation CD

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Jon Kabat-Zinn (Audio CD) – 2 copies
Body scan meditation, Mindful yoga 1, Sitting meditation, Mindful yoga 2

Mindfulness book

Mindfulness- a Practical Guide to Finding Peace

in a Frantic World

Mark Williams - book and CD (2011)

Based on “Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)” which has been shown to be as effective as drugs for preventing depression, and is equally suitable for anyone looking inner peace. Includes the simple eight week programme of MBCT and 8 guided meditations on CD

Yoga my bed & ME book

Yoga, My Bed and M.E.

Donna Owens (2016)
Yoga poses adapted to be practised in bed and suitable for PWME

Gentle Introduction to Yoga book

A gentle introduction to Yoga

Kareen Zebroff (2002)

Not designed for PWME and many of us would struggle with some of this – take care!

Sacred Space book

Sacred Space – A Guide to Healing and Recovery

Elizabeth Bailey (2006)
Elizabeth Bailey is a Reiki healer and describes a variety of wellness techniques

Hand Reflexology book

Hand Reflexology

Kaiser, Scharmann, and Poyck-Scharmann (2000)
Offers “relief from pain and illness” by restoring harmony in the body through the applying pressure to different parts of the palms and fingers

Touch of Healing book

The Touch of Healing - The Japanese art of Jin Shin Jyutsu

Burmeister and Monte (1997)

Balance your body’s energy using the fingers and hands to eliminate stress, relieve pain, and alleviate acute and chronic conditions – a practical guide

Life Coaching CDs

“Life Coaching” : “Enhancing confidence” and “Positive Thinking”

Glenn Harold - 2 Audio CDs
Using hypnotherapy techniques

Complete relaxation CD

Complete Relaxation

Glen Harrold (Audio CD)
“Hypnotherapy techniques” to learn ways to help you cope with stress and anxiety

Buddhist chants & peace CD

Buddhist Chants and Peace Music

Jin Long Uen (Audio CD)

Music for reflection and relaxation from the far east

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