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Children & Young People 

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Your Child & ME

Your child and ME

Action for ME

Available online, or we can print and send you this

Quick Tour of ME Symptoms, Management and Trust Services
Tymes Trust

Available online, or we can print and send you this

Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger

Anastasia Palmer (2016)
“Letters” to the reader from a young woman with severe ME, musing on 7 years of her life, aged 15-22, during which she found healing in her life, if not her body.

What is wrong with ME

What is Wrong with ME

Merryn Fergusson (2012)

Merryn kept a diary for the three years her teenage son was unable to go to school which tells the story of ME as seen from his perspective.


Shattered: Life with ME

Lynn Michell (2003)

In March 1987 a flu bug floors Lynn, her sons and three members of her husband’s workplace.   The other adults get better over 1-10 years, her eldest son over 3 years.  Lynn and her younger son are still ill 16 years later.

Parents' Guide to CFIDS

Parents’ Guide to CFIDS

David Bell et al (1999)
How to be an advocate for your child with “chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome” – dated but with some interesting suggestions for parents battling the system.

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